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In grade four

miercuri, august 26th, 2009
    "I am   In grade four, I impose, come down from stair, sprain foot, it is you that give a piggyback I get that hospital go   And, it leaves the heavy rain , I live far, you send me home, it has been already completely dark while getting home, your life or death are unwilling to leave and have a meal   And, I have not done the homework, am punished to stand still by you, strike my head with the teacher’s pointer   Another time   Another time   "Those past events of coming clearly into view, it is not any more distinct to recollect unexpectedly.    
    Mr. Li is gazing at me kindlily, says: "These which you say, why do not I are not there any impressions! Perhaps have, too usually, who can also have remembered all the time. "    
    I say unwilling to give uply: "You remember carefully again, my classmate has Zhang Ning, Kan who are strong in, forgive big, Ma Tao, Ma XueQin, Sun RongHua, Yu HaiYan, Li Li   Another girth weather, become the great writer now. "    
    "These names, I still remember some. Oh yes, are you with Yang XiaoLi’s deskmate? "    
    "Our class has not called Yang XiaoLi’s. " I say depressedly.     

Why do you ask this

luni, iulie 13th, 2009
"No. Why do you ask this? " 
"That is too sorry, Sir, because if you are American Indian and leave at 4 o’clock in the early morning, the words returning in early morning of next day, we can give you 30% of the preferential treatment of reducing the price , but only 8% left of now. " 
"Hey, my God, could you tell me whether you have other favorable conditions? " 
"Eh, if you have already been married for more than 50 years and has not divorced, and that went to participate in your marriage commemorative activity, we take 20% off the price for you. " 
"This is improper to me, is there anything else? " 
"Oh, is your wife still less than 60 years old? If still less than 60 years old, and you do not rush to travel on weekend, can then enjoy 20% of the preferential prices. " 
"But must we be just free to come in week? " 
"Eh, don’t be disheartened, could you tell me that is there the one that act as students in you and your wife? If you are being educated in universities, and belong to in U.S.A. Friday (Friday weekend, but regarded as ominous day because Jesus die in an accident on Friday)  By air, we give you 45% to reduce the price favourably. " 
"My God, almost cheap and half the! It’s a pity I have finished college in early two years. Like this! Miss, you don’t give me a favour, thank you for introducing. " 
Look, rich in the favorable condition of humorous color in the face of such a multitude of names, although these passenger’s end has not received a lot of favours, also buy tickets perfectly contentedly. 
It is often the important means to attract consumers to give a discount and promote, and to trade company, always can not guarantee one’s own profit, in the face of this kind of situation, the clever sales force just adds and checks requiring in the condition on sale oddly, have changed discounting "  Within sight but beyond reach "  Scenery.    

Strategy of retreating

vineri, iulie 10th, 2009
Strategy of retreating in order to advance 
One year, such a thing happened in some gallery of Belgium: 
The drawing trader of U.S.A. takes a fancy to three pictures that Indians bring, the marked price is 250 dollars, the drawing trader is unwilling to offer this price, then cross verbal swords, no one is willing to relax, the negotiation enters the deadlock. That Indian is angry, burn a picture among them in front of Americans in a great rage. Americans see such a good picture has been burnt, certainly feel very regrettable. He asks Indian that two pictures left wish how much to sell, it is still 250 dollars to answer. The drawing trader of U.S.A. sees that does not become less severe at all, has refused this price, this Indian moves the heart crosswise, have burnt a picture among them. American drawing trader have to beg he must not burn the last again. When he inquires again this Indian wishes how much to sell, the seller says: "Can the last picture be the same prices with three pictures? " As a result, the last picture of this Indian hand clinched a deal at 600 dollars unexpectedly. 
At that time, prices of other pictures were all between 150 dollars in 100 dollars, but this picture of Indians can be sold so high, why? First of all, he burns two pictures in order to attract that American, has adopted " retreat in order to advance " Strategy,because he "feel reassured and emboldened on account of the support " ,Three pictures that he knows he sells are to come from a master’s hand. Having burnt two, there is the last picture left, it is exactly that " when a thing is scarce, it is precious " . This Indian still knows this American has a habit, like collecting the antique famous painting, so long as he loves this picture, it is not willing to give up easily, prefer offering the high price to bribe and collect. Clever Indian put to good use method this really very efficacious, one successful business saliva hand and have. 
In discussing, the seller wants to sell one’s own goods very much, but the buyer will propose all sorts of excuses, in order to pursue to reach supreme interests, at this moment, the strategy of retreating in order to advance will be played greatly miraculously. 
Certainly, if you want to succeed in adopting " retreat in order to advance " Tactics,it last certain one the the backings one, last sense of propriety. Do not " fight and have no battle prepared "  ,There is no assurance very much in the heart and use this idea easily, unavoidably try to be clever but turning out the contrary. If that Indian does not understand the American likes the antique habit, can’t affirm he is sure to buy that last picture to leave and burn first two, if Americans have not bought that picture finally, Indians can exactly " throw the helve after the hatchet " ,Too late to repent. 
You return one step, according to the psychology of the other side that you grasp, the other side would like to adopt the action making you satisfied, your " retreat in order to advance " Could achieve instead of purpose.   
Philosophic theory 026a in life   
While associating with people, in order to achieve the a certain goal, there is no harm in letting one’s own head a bit more flexible, will often make the unexpected good result while leaving somebody at large the better to apprehend him, retreating in order to advance. 
Add some limiting conditions in the favour 
A gentleman came into selling the ticket drawing room of the western airline, said in selling to the ticket young lady: "I want two tickets in San Francisco. " 
"Are you American American Indian? "  

In a early morning

vineri, iulie 10th, 2009
Philosophic theory 018a in life   
In fact, when others encounter the frustration tribulation, what busy at we can not help at all, comfort by a sentence of simple words sometimes. If you can not find the suitable, give the other side a chance of bitter cry. 
Don’t forget one’s own identity 
Love Lina from graduate from university, assign in one going to work from house farther company just. At 7 o’ clock in the early morning of every day, the special train of the company will be accurate 
When wait at one piece the places meet and send off she and colleagueses of she. 
In a early morning cold suddenly , after loving Lina to close the sharp ring tones of the alarm clock, have yearned for the warm quilt for a moment – -As in the school. She delay some time to the maximum extent as much as possible, used for, it thinks of to be needn’t winter vacation day that life rush about in the past. That early morning, she gets up slowly in 5 minutes than usual. But this trivial 5 minutes let her pay a price. 
That day, when went straight to the place which the special train waits for while loving Lina hastily, time has already been 05 past 7. The regular bus has left. Stand by the hollow road, she is blank, a kind of helpless feeling baffled comes at her for the first time. 
Regret depressed, see that vehicle of company getting blue car park in front of a building nearby suddenly in her. She has remembered that once a colleague showed her that was a superior’s car, she thought: It is really that silver lining. Loved Lina for running to that car, after hesitating slightly, she opened the door, have sat in silently, and proud for one’s own luck. 
It is that a superior driver is a gentle old driver. He has seen her for a moment from the reflector. Then, turning head will say to her: "Miss, you should not take this car. " 
"But today such as I lucky. " She says as if relieved of a heavy loadly.  

This day

joi, iulie 9th, 2009
This day, young people ask him to propose sincere advice. 
The wise still politely refuse, but young people pester and does not put . 
The wise are helpless, he brings two pieces of narrow stuff, two pinches of nails, a pinch of screws, one pinch is nailed directly. 
In addition, he still brings a hammer, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver. 
He nails and nails to the stuff directly with the hammer first, but the stuff is very hard, very great strength of his fee, can’t nail in either, break the nail to curve, have to change one.  

Repeated and boiled water

miercuri, iulie 8th, 2009
Repeated and boiled water: The repeated and boiled water includes inferior nitrate, enter the human body, turn into the carcinogenesis inferior ammonium nitrate. 
The expert draws the anti-cancer recipe 
The nutrition expert says, the rational meal structure, keeping good nutrition and anti-oxidant state is effective measures of preventing and curing cancer. 
The expert proposes taking plant as the core, the animal anti-cancer health recipe in order to be complemented includes, every day 300 cereal food (among them more than three points beans, more than three the flour) ; 500 grams of vegetables, there among them must be 300 grams of vegetables with green leaves; 200 grams of animal food such as fish, poultry, eggs, red meat; 250 grams of milk; 50 grams of yellow soyfood. 
In addition, can use the appropriate supplementary anti-oxidant nutrient such as VC, carrotene of food therapy, eat more and contain VE, Seed of the active substance of the plant, hard shell food and how fragrant tea, yellow hawthorn, Matrimony vine, ginkgo, soybean, glossy ganoderma of fungus type of general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree of kind,etc. can strengthen immunity to exchange, prevent cancer. The food can be divided into 8 big classes giving protection against cancer. 
1.The onions: Garlic, onion, fragrant-flowered garlic, asparagus , shallots,etc.; 
2.The Cruciferae: Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, leaf mustard, turnip,etc.; 
3.Nut and seed: Walnut, pine nut, American pistachios, sesame, almond, English walnut, melon seed,etc.; 
4.The cereal: Maize, oat, rice, wheat,etc.; 
5.Pod beans: Soya bean, green bean, pea,etc.; 
6.Fruit: Various fruits such as Liu Cheng, tangerine, apple, Hami melon, strange fruit, water-melon, lemon, grape, grapefruit , strawberry, pineapple, lemon; 
7.Solanaceae: Tomato, potato, tomato potato, beet; 
8.The colored department of the form: Carrot, celery, caraway, Hu Sui, transplanting trailing plants,etc..    

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