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In grade four

miercuri, august 26th, 2009

    "I am   In grade four, I impose, come down from stair, sprain foot, it is you that give a piggyback I get that hospital go   And, it leaves the heavy rain , I live far, you send me home, it has been already completely dark while getting home, your life or death are unwilling [...]

Why do you ask this

luni, iulie 13th, 2009

"No. Why do you ask this? "  "That is too sorry, Sir, because if you are American Indian and leave at 4 o’clock in the early morning, the words returning in early morning of next day, we can give you 30% of the preferential treatment of reducing the price , but only 8% left of [...]

Strategy of retreating

vineri, iulie 10th, 2009

Strategy of retreating in order to advance  One year, such a thing happened in some gallery of Belgium:  The drawing trader of U.S.A. takes a fancy to three pictures that Indians bring, the marked price is 250 dollars, the drawing trader is unwilling to offer this price, then cross verbal swords, no one is willing [...]

In a early morning

vineri, iulie 10th, 2009

Philosophic theory 018a in life    In fact, when others encounter the frustration tribulation, what busy at we can not help at all, comfort by a sentence of simple words sometimes. If you can not find the suitable, give the other side a chance of bitter cry.  Don’t forget one’s own identity  Love Lina from graduate [...]

This day

joi, iulie 9th, 2009

This day, young people ask him to propose sincere advice.  The wise still politely refuse, but young people pester and does not put .  The wise are helpless, he brings two pieces of narrow stuff, two pinches of nails, a pinch of screws, one pinch is nailed directly.  In addition, he still brings a hammer, [...]

Repeated and boiled water

miercuri, iulie 8th, 2009

Repeated and boiled water: The repeated and boiled water includes inferior nitrate, enter the human body, turn into the carcinogenesis inferior ammonium nitrate.  The expert draws the anti-cancer recipe  The nutrition expert says, the rational meal structure, keeping good nutrition and anti-oxidant state is effective measures of preventing and curing cancer.  The expert proposes taking [...]


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