In grade four

26 august 2009
    "I am   In grade four, I impose, come down from stair, sprain foot, it is you that give a piggyback I get that hospital go   And, it leaves the heavy rain , I live far, you send me home, it has been already completely dark while getting home, your life or death are unwilling to leave and have a meal   And, I have not done the homework, am punished to stand still by you, strike my head with the teacher’s pointer   Another time   Another time   "Those past events of coming clearly into view, it is not any more distinct to recollect unexpectedly.    
    Mr. Li is gazing at me kindlily, says: "These which you say, why do not I are not there any impressions! Perhaps have, too usually, who can also have remembered all the time. "    
    I say unwilling to give uply: "You remember carefully again, my classmate has Zhang Ning, Kan who are strong in, forgive big, Ma Tao, Ma XueQin, Sun RongHua, Yu HaiYan, Li Li   Another girth weather, become the great writer now. "    
    "These names, I still remember some. Oh yes, are you with Yang XiaoLi’s deskmate? "    
    "Our class has not called Yang XiaoLi’s. " I say depressedly.     

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