Why do you ask this

13 iulie 2009
"No. Why do you ask this? " 
"That is too sorry, Sir, because if you are American Indian and leave at 4 o’clock in the early morning, the words returning in early morning of next day, we can give you 30% of the preferential treatment of reducing the price , but only 8% left of now. " 
"Hey, my God, could you tell me whether you have other favorable conditions? " 
"Eh, if you have already been married for more than 50 years and has not divorced, and that went to participate in your marriage commemorative activity, we take 20% off the price for you. " 
"This is improper to me, is there anything else? " 
"Oh, is your wife still less than 60 years old? If still less than 60 years old, and you do not rush to travel on weekend, can then enjoy 20% of the preferential prices. " 
"But must we be just free to come in week? " 
"Eh, don’t be disheartened, could you tell me that is there the one that act as students in you and your wife? If you are being educated in universities, and belong to in U.S.A. Friday (Friday weekend, but regarded as ominous day because Jesus die in an accident on Friday)  By air, we give you 45% to reduce the price favourably. " 
"My God, almost cheap and half the! It’s a pity I have finished college in early two years. Like this! Miss, you don’t give me a favour, thank you for introducing. " 
Look, rich in the favorable condition of humorous color in the face of such a multitude of names, although these passenger’s end has not received a lot of favours, also buy tickets perfectly contentedly. 
It is often the important means to attract consumers to give a discount and promote, and to trade company, always can not guarantee one’s own profit, in the face of this kind of situation, the clever sales force just adds and checks requiring in the condition on sale oddly, have changed discounting "  Within sight but beyond reach "  Scenery.    

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