In a early morning

10 iulie 2009
Philosophic theory 018a in life   
In fact, when others encounter the frustration tribulation, what busy at we can not help at all, comfort by a sentence of simple words sometimes. If you can not find the suitable, give the other side a chance of bitter cry. 
Don’t forget one’s own identity 
Love Lina from graduate from university, assign in one going to work from house farther company just. At 7 o’ clock in the early morning of every day, the special train of the company will be accurate 
When wait at one piece the places meet and send off she and colleagueses of she. 
In a early morning cold suddenly , after loving Lina to close the sharp ring tones of the alarm clock, have yearned for the warm quilt for a moment – -As in the school. She delay some time to the maximum extent as much as possible, used for, it thinks of to be needn’t winter vacation day that life rush about in the past. That early morning, she gets up slowly in 5 minutes than usual. But this trivial 5 minutes let her pay a price. 
That day, when went straight to the place which the special train waits for while loving Lina hastily, time has already been 05 past 7. The regular bus has left. Stand by the hollow road, she is blank, a kind of helpless feeling baffled comes at her for the first time. 
Regret depressed, see that vehicle of company getting blue car park in front of a building nearby suddenly in her. She has remembered that once a colleague showed her that was a superior’s car, she thought: It is really that silver lining. Loved Lina for running to that car, after hesitating slightly, she opened the door, have sat in silently, and proud for one’s own luck. 
It is that a superior driver is a gentle old driver. He has seen her for a moment from the reflector. Then, turning head will say to her: "Miss, you should not take this car. " 
"But today such as I lucky. " She says as if relieved of a heavy loadly.  

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