Repeated and boiled water

8 iulie 2009
Repeated and boiled water: The repeated and boiled water includes inferior nitrate, enter the human body, turn into the carcinogenesis inferior ammonium nitrate. 
The expert draws the anti-cancer recipe 
The nutrition expert says, the rational meal structure, keeping good nutrition and anti-oxidant state is effective measures of preventing and curing cancer. 
The expert proposes taking plant as the core, the animal anti-cancer health recipe in order to be complemented includes, every day 300 cereal food (among them more than three points beans, more than three the flour) ; 500 grams of vegetables, there among them must be 300 grams of vegetables with green leaves; 200 grams of animal food such as fish, poultry, eggs, red meat; 250 grams of milk; 50 grams of yellow soyfood. 
In addition, can use the appropriate supplementary anti-oxidant nutrient such as VC, carrotene of food therapy, eat more and contain VE, Seed of the active substance of the plant, hard shell food and how fragrant tea, yellow hawthorn, Matrimony vine, ginkgo, soybean, glossy ganoderma of fungus type of general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree of kind,etc. can strengthen immunity to exchange, prevent cancer. The food can be divided into 8 big classes giving protection against cancer. 
1.The onions: Garlic, onion, fragrant-flowered garlic, asparagus , shallots,etc.; 
2.The Cruciferae: Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, leaf mustard, turnip,etc.; 
3.Nut and seed: Walnut, pine nut, American pistachios, sesame, almond, English walnut, melon seed,etc.; 
4.The cereal: Maize, oat, rice, wheat,etc.; 
5.Pod beans: Soya bean, green bean, pea,etc.; 
6.Fruit: Various fruits such as Liu Cheng, tangerine, apple, Hami melon, strange fruit, water-melon, lemon, grape, grapefruit , strawberry, pineapple, lemon; 
7.Solanaceae: Tomato, potato, tomato potato, beet; 
8.The colored department of the form: Carrot, celery, caraway, Hu Sui, transplanting trailing plants,etc..    

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